Concise reading recs. Every Tuesday.

Let’s begin with an episode of Where Are They Now?, Theranos edition.

Next, some bad news.

Global Economics: The deteriorating economic relationship between the U.S. and China doesn’t appear to be a priority to even its chief political beneficiaries: the Democratic 2020 candidates. If the collapse of Sino-American interdependency is indeed inevitable, at least the process of diversifying critical mineral imports, which the U.S. relies heavily on China for, is underway.

Cybersecurity: Concerns with e-voting have risen to the forefront of Swiss public discourse in recent months, and will likely soon spread to the United States as well. In other news, WhatsApp was hacked, elucidating the shortcomings of “end-to-end” encryption.

Energy: The carbon footprint of deep learning appears to have been severely underestimated. A rigorous feature challenges my beliefs, arguing that carbon credit schemes do more harm than good.

Finally, some good news:

  1. an unlikely partnership between an immunologist and a truck mechanic;

  2. indications of declining global conflict severity;

  3. nonviolent escape route for Brazilian gang members; and

  4. soccer (somehow) becoming an even more beautiful game.